phpBB3 SEO Sitemap

Simple Sitemap which supports both default phpBB and installed Ultimate SEO URL MOD. Sitemap MOD automatically detects whether Ultimate SEO installed and enabled or not, and provides support when it’s found.
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Title : Google Yahoo MSN Sitemaps & RSS
Author : phpBB SEO Team –
Description : This module will create United Sitemaps (Aka Google sitemaps), RSS 2.0 feeds, site maps and news pages for for phpBB3. It fully supports Gun-zip cache for all types of outputs and some XSL-Transform styling for Sitemaps and RSS feeds.
Version : v2.0.1
Installation Level : Easy.
Installation Time : 10 min.
phpBB : phpBB 3.0.7

Download :

Google Yahoo MSN Sitemaps & RSS V2.0.1