This is a modification (Mod) for phpBB3 forums, to use this modification you need a working installation of phpBB3. For instructions how to install this modification see here. For getting support see the links at the right of the page.

Modification description

SEO phpBB meens Search Engine optimizing for phpBB forums. This Version generates the URL to a forum or a topic from the title of the forum or the topic, so you get important keywords into the URL. In addition the links to user profiles are hidden for guests so search engines can crawl the posts faster. To use SEO phpBB your Server needs to support the Apache module mod_rewrite to rewrite the title in the URL to normal requests.


  • Title in URL
  • Hidden profile links for guests
  • No session IDs for guests
  • No duplicated content through p-topic link
  • Shorter pagetitle
  • a lot of more changes