Title : phpBB3 SEO Dynamic Meta tags
Author : dcz
Description : Generates dynamic meta-tags for phpBB3.
Version : 0.2.4
Installation Level : Easy.
Installation Time : 5 min.
phpBB : phpBB 3.0.2

Author’s Notes :

This mod will add dynamic meta tags build out with the ending page’s content.
It’s simple and efficient, will add specific meta tags to all phpBB pages.
A single SQL query is optionally added in viewtopic.php, to grab the first post’s most used words (common words are excluded).
This allow for a better overall relevancy of meta keywords.
The first post of every topic pages is used to build the meta description.
BBcodes tags are stripped off as well as smileys.

The mod will output index, follow robots tags for all the content found under the best URLs and will add a noindex, follow robots tags for pages such as style preview, print view, sids and highlighted URLs to prevent duplicate indexing.

You should not use more than 20 keywords in the keyword meta tags. As well, you should not use too long description tags.

Documentation :

This tutorial is made for phpBB2, phpBB3 already has a rebuild search tables feature. You can use it the same way as per phpBB2, expect you won’t find any search_stopwords.txt but rather a search_ignore_words.php file in your languages folders. You can add words to exclude there before you start the rebuild search procedure. The three letter limit does not apply anymore as well, the mod will filter them no matter what now.


phpBB3 SEO Dynamic Meta tags