However, the road to make seo phpbb3 is much more steep than for WordPress.

Among the requirements is the most important module for Apache mod_rewrite. Without module for the rewriting of addresses, should not be used these mod. Virtually all hosting services fee, using Linux, have this form. If you use IIS Windows, you must use isapi_rewrite.

The easiest way is to download and install a version of phpbb3 completely moddata (as amended) ready for use, called phpBB EES Premod V 3.0.

By neglecting this possibility you can choose from three other mod: Advanced phpBB3 EES Rewrite mod, mod Mixed phpBB3 EES Rewrite, Simple phpBB3 EES mod Rewrite.All mod can handle UTF-8 characters, if the string to be translated is “new registrations are open” will be transformed into “novelty-open-the-inscriptions.”

Advanced phpBB3 EES mod Rewrite is the most complete version produced by users of phpbb-seo.

The address of a page will be transformed in the following ways: by viewtopic.php? F = xx & t = yy a topic-title-tyy.html, viewtopic.php? P = xx to postxx.html.So rename the part of (topic) with the title of debate and amend the url of a single intervention (? P = xx), xx naturally means a number.

To make phpBB3 seo friendly, it must amend 13 files in the installation phpBB3 and make 8 more files in the folder of the forum.

Mixed phpBB3 EES mod Rewrite is the version that mixed between simple and advanced. Unlike Advanced phpBB3 EES the url of the topic is rewritten once, while that of the forum (viewforum) every time it is changed.

Simple phpBB3 EES mod Rewrite is the simplest version, with this mod address is rewritten once for all discussions, forums, lists users…

Here’s visit here direct where you can download the various mod:

There are also alternatives to the following mod: ticket at a price of 66.15 euros, there is Magic Seo URL that allows you to rewrite the url (