Title : phpBB3 SEO Dynamic Meta tags
Author : dcz
Description : Generates dynamic meta-tags for phpBB3.
Version : 0.2.4
Installation Level : Easy.
Installation Time : 5 min.
phpBB : phpBB 3.0.2

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By default the forum comes with some technical parameters that are not search engine friendly and therefore the forum driven pages will not be effectively indexed by Google and other major search engines.

On the other hand, you may discover that once your forum has finally been added to Google it has not been correctly indexed.

A very simple test is to browse over 4-5 forum pages from different posting dates, to select a few words phrase and run a Google search by enclosing your search phrase within quotes.

“this is the text extracted from my forum page that I want to search on Google”
This is a phpBB Search Engines Optimization sample searching phrase

To make it clearer about what this job entails, let us just mention a few of the technical parameters that are not search engines friendly:

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phpBB3 SEO

However, the road to make seo phpbb3 is much more steep than for WordPress.

Among the requirements is the most important module for Apache mod_rewrite. Without module for the rewriting of addresses, should not be used these mod. Virtually all hosting services fee, using Linux, have this form. If you use IIS Windows, you must use isapi_rewrite.

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